What You Need to Know When Outfitting a Living Room

What You Need to Know When Outfitting a Living Room

The living room is an immensely personal space where you set out to create an environment of maximum comfort. It’s primarily an area for relaxation and socialising, although the past few months have forced us to re-evaluate our living spaces and just how much time we spend in them. Whether you use your living room for work, rest, or play, we offer up some inspiration for decoration.


Neutral Tones are So Versatile

Neutral tones are a great place to start as they present a versatile base for almost any style or taste. Anything too bold may be a distraction in a room where relaxation is the main purpose so calming colours can really set the mood. Furniture with a white colour theme is a starting point for many as it’s light and adaptable to almost any style but for those who want a similar effect with a touch more character, Ivory painted furniture can also be a great option.

 Salisbury Blue Painted Oak Corner TV Unit

Embrace the Warmth of Oak Furniture

Oak has long been a staple for living rooms up and down the country thanks to its durability, quality, and warmth with its popularity not waning. Coming in a range of styles it can bring a sense of timeless natural appeal or a more modern and contemporary look into the home.


Rustic Charm

Oak is a wood with a gorgeous grain and the rustic look really allows this to flourish with understated charm and an air of hardiness. The practicality of keeping more of an unaltered feel means that it can take pride of place in any room even if changes in backdrop or colour scheme occur over time. 


Painted Collections

A more contemporary take on oak furniture, painted collections can bring a splash of colour to neutral rooms or complement an already existing colour scheme for a more personalised touch. Offering up more variety to pair with unique tastes, colour can be the way to go to show off the individual’s identity.



Make Coffee Tables a Centrepiece
Coffee tables are regularly seen as the centrepiece of the room and can often make a big statement about your living area. Industrial furniture can be a great choice for a room’s focal point with a striking effect that really draws the eye. Of course, a softer more minimalist style may suit those who prefer a pared back ambience that suits a more social setting.


Frame the TV in Style

The television is, more often than not, front and centre of the living room and the TV cabinet becomes a part of that presentation. Whilst you don’t want to detract from the viewing experience, something that dominant in the room should exude personality. Bigger, bolder pieces that double as a substantial storage solution can make a real impact in modern, spacious rooms with crisp lines accentuating the screen of your TV. For those who don’t want to make the television the main focus, a smaller, more reserved piece that has a quiet elegance about it may be the way to go.


Making the Most of Your Space

Whether you have a cosy living room or a larger area to play with, you always want to make the most of your space in an efficient and visually pleasing manner. A nest of tables is a simple way to do this with more traditional sets fitting nicely into the corner of the room until needed. Alternatively, make sure guests have a guaranteed talking point with something less conservative in shape and size. For those who often have company, a group of three tables over two might be a more suitable choice.


There is a school of thought that suggests a house is not truly a home until it has a bookcase but whether you are an avid bookworm or just need the shelving space, a bookcase can really make a room. Make sure to use every inch of space effectively whether you need something narrower and taller, or a little less height and a bit more width.