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Why We Love the Scandi Style!

Why We Love the Scandi Style!

Hygge, fika, Ibrahimovic: All great things to come from Scandinavia that have helped enhance the culture and bring a little bit of joy to the world, and Scandinavian furniture is no different. But what is it and why do we love it so much?

Scandinavia is a region of Northern Europe made up of the countries Denmark, Norway and Sweden with Finland and Iceland often getting lumped in as well – although they are part of the Nordic region and not strictly Scandinavian. All share strong historical, cultural, and linguistic ties and Scandinavian design has long been chic thanks to its focus on clean simple lines and high-quality build with a minimalist look. Since the 1950s, this fashion has been a popular choice for home décor across the globe.

Often with a very modern feel, this style of furniture can have both a naturalistic air to it as well as catering to more industrial tastes. Largely popularised by a certain flat-pack furniture company, you can get considerably more durable (and already assembled) pieces of furniture that match this aesthetic.

The Basics of Scandinavian furniture

With a view on being pragmatic, you won’t find a lot of extravagant detail or superfluous extras within Scandi style as it aims to eliminate clutter and not confuse the eye. With a big focus on nature and being outdoors in Scandinavian culture, there’s also a view to this within their design principles. As such, you’ll find a lot of natural wood colouring and a favouring of light, bright spaces.

Oslo Oak Bedframe

Colours of Scandinavian furniture

Relying heavily on neutral tones and palettes, Scandinavian style often uses dark blues and bright whites, typically being largely monochromatic with sporadic, darker colours accentuating certain parts of the room. For example, a Scandinavian bedroom might have lighter, more natural wood coloured furniture more prominently, like the bedframe, with a dash of colour in smaller items like a scandi bedside table or lamp table.

Where Best to Go Scandi

A lot of why Scandinavian style has an enduring popularity is due to its aspirational nature. In a world so chaotic and confusing, it can offer an oasis of clear and clean calm. The straight lines of a stylish Scandinavian coffee table or a sScandi side table can make for a really relaxing living room space.

Likewise, Nordic furniture can create an ideal atmosphere for the bedroom, where a stress-free ambience is ideal for sleep and rest. With a rustic scandi wardrobe that shows off the exaggerated wood grain and natural knots within it, it can contribute to a warm and cosy feeling that has a touch of nature about it.

Our Scandinavian Inspired Collections

We have a range of collections that draw inspiration from this distinctive style of design to suit whatever your needs. For example, the Oslo Oak Collection brings together an exciting mixture of rustic personality and Scandinavian simplicity with a dark wood grain that has a beautiful, earthy charm to it.

The Urban Industrial and Industrial collections have pared-back pieces that create a bold and striking visual effect when entering a room, be it scandi desks for your workspace or a scandi dining table.

Bergen Oak brings a sense of brightness to any room with its warm, light grain that’s great for everything from bookshelves to scandi dining chairs. Alternatively, Bergen Blue Painted Oak can bring a pop of cool, soothing colour to your surroundings with class and grace. 

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