What Furniture Goes with Oak Flooring?

What Furniture Goes with Oak Flooring?

Oak flooring, or wooden flooring in general, can give a really beautiful and classy hardwood effect in the home and become the centrepiece of a room itself. However, when considering furniture to go with it, it can be tricky to coordinate a design aesthetic that doesn’t detract from the flooring.

Here we take a look at how to coordinate your furniture to your floor and the best ways to go about it.

Oak Furniture with an Oak Floor

If you were to ask, “What flooring goes with oak furniture?”, undoubtedly oak or hard wood flooring would come back as one of the more immediate answers because of the same material complementing one another in different forms. But it’s not quite as simple as just putting oak on oak as the overall impression can be overwhelming and too samey. 

There are ways of breaking up the intensity of consistent oak so that it doesn’t become too much, and it can be as simple as a rug underneath a table so that the eye doesn’t run from one oak piece onto another without a little bit of separation.

Pay Attention to The Subtleties of Your Wood

Making sure you complement your flooring rather than clash with it can come down to a little attention to detail. For example, being aware of the grain of the wood in your flooring can help you identify what will best suit it in terms of matching furniture. 

Take a look at the grain and see if it is clearly defined, all going in one direction or if it has more of a rustic look with a greater number of knots and more clearly visible. Chiltern Oak’s Rustic Oak collection is a great starting place for this latter look while the Wessex Smoked Oak collection exudes a more luxurious, and defined charm

Rustic Oak 1.2m Butterfly Extending Dining Table

What undertones your flooring has is also going to influence your furniture purchasing decisions as it will create an air of lightness, or darkness, and you’ll want to source colours and shades that either play up the ambience you’re going for or that create an interesting juxtaposition.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

If you have gone down the heavily wooded route, then you may find yourself asking what colours go with oak furniture as well as oak flooring? While there are a multitude of options that could give a warmer hue to a room or provide a cleaner, crisper vibe to proceedings, white is a fantastic way to break up wood tones.

It also offers up a fantastically versatile base from which you can accessorise to your own style quite easily. Chiltern Oak offers several collections in white including Hampshire White, Banbury White, and Florence White painted collections.