How to Clean Oak Furniture

How to Clean Oak Furniture

Oak is a natural item of furniture, and because of this, it can be difficult to clean. Generally, because of the grains on the wood, marks and knocks can get hidden, but stains can be more difficult to cover up. Even just water can soak through the wood and leave a nasty stain on it. This article will show you the easiest and most efficient ways to remove marks and stains from your oak furniture.
How to clean an oak table

Oak tables are generally those which can get spills and stains most often as they are the most used in day-to-day life. The best way to clean any spillages is to use a damp cloth to wipe up the mess as soon as it happens, this way the liquid doesn’t have time to seep into the wood and cause a lasting stain. The best way to prevent any spillages is to ensure that coasters and placemats are kept on the table, this will reduce the likelihood of leaving a cup ring stain and may catch any spillages which occur.

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Using vinegar to clean oak furniture

A mixture of vinegar and olive oil is another way that has proven successful in cleaning oak furniture. You will need to create a solution of olive oil and vinegar and spray a thin layer on top of the oak furniture you are looking to clean. Take a soft cloth and wipe away the vinegar and olive oil mixture until smooth. Then rinse the cloth with water and wipe the table once more to ensure all of the solution is gone. This is an environmentally friendly way to clean your oak furniture and can elongate its life, as you have eliminated using any harmful cleaning products.

Using mayonnaise to remove water stains

It is proven that mayonnaise can be used to remove any water stains from oak furniture. Just get a little bit on a cloth and coat the area with the mayonnaise. The oils within the mayonnaise should dissolve the water stain on the item. Leave overnight and wipe away. If the surface looks a bit worn, just re-wax the surface to freshen it up.

How to remove dark stains on oak furniture

If your oak furniture has got dark, deep stains on it, you may need to restore the piece completely. To do this, you will need to sand down the top layer of the item, so that the stain is worn away. Ensure that you use fine sanding paper, as rougher sandpaper may destroy the layers. Go with the grain until the stains are no longer visible. Once you are happy that the stains are gone, re-wax the surface and buff out. Your oak furniture should then look good as new. You may need to go to a specialist if the damage is severe.

How to care for oak furniture

Over time, oak furniture can get everyday wear and tear, so some TLC may be needed. If your oak furniture is looking a bit worn, one way to give some life back to it is to re-wax it. There are many different wax shades in the market, so ensure you test it before covering the whole item, in case you don’t like the colour. Once you are happy with the shade of wax, cover the item with one layer, ensuring you go with the grain and not against it. Once dried, buff the wax with a brush, again, with the grain, and once completed, your piece of furniture will look much fresher.

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Too much heat or cold can affect oak. Ensure that the item is kept out of direct sunlight and airconditioned rooms, as it may cause the wood to fade or dry out, causing cracks and damage.

Similarly, oak needs good ventilation. Ensure that you leave a gap between the oak piece and the wall to give space for the oak to be able to breathe. This prolongs the life of the oak and keeps its temperature stable.

High-quality oak furniture should last a lifetime and should age with you. Discover our range of oak furniture and find your lifelong, standout item.