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A good night’s sleep comes in all shapes and sizes. Among our hand-picked Tranquility range, you’ll find the perfect mattress to help you drift off in peace.

Tranquility Pocket Sprung Mattress

Get to know the Tranquility Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress, and it’ll soon know you better than anyone. Combining the traditional
comforts of pocket springs with a killer combo of memory, reflex and standard foam, this mattress shapes the perfect sleep around you.

Tranquility Deluxe Mattress

Wave away sleepless nights and enjoy total serenity with our luxury, 4-layer mattress that’s unique to Chiltern Oak. Boasting all the qualities of a premium mattress, you’ll enjoy a good night’s kip on our Deluxe Tranquility. With industry-leading Revo foam and bespoke features that improve airflow and reduce unnecessary body heat, the proof is in the snooze.

Tranquility Standard Plus Mattress

Our multi-layered Tranquility Standard Plus Mattress offers
affordability without compromising on comfort. Hop in and get cosy among the large layer of responsive reflex foam paired with CoolBlue memory foam. Luxurious sleep isn’t just a pipe dream – no matter how long your days, you can look forward to a good night’s sleep and next-level comfort.