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Making the Most of Your Hallway Through Decor

Making the Most of Your Hallway Through Decor

Hallway decor can be something of a headache for the style-conscious homeowner. Not a room in its own right but often the first thing you see when entering a property, it is important to set a standard for the rest of the house and present your home in a manner befitting your personality. Looking at the latest trends in hallway furniture, we suggest some of the best ways to make the most of this space.


Practical and Pleasing

Much, if not all, of your hallway furniture will have quite a utilitarian purpose but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be aesthetically pleasing as well. The key is being mindful of that space and working with what you’ve got. Colour schemes can be used to maximise these areas whilst you may also want to avoid too much clutter.


Smaller Hallways

Smaller hallways can be tricky to make the most of but light and colour can be used to create a seemingly bigger space. Lighter, brighter colours can help reflect light around an area and white is the best shade for this. As well as giving you a neutral background so that accessories can really ‘pop’ on their own, it is a highly adaptable colour scheme.

Rouen Narrow White Arched Window Hallway Mirror

Using items such as wall mirrors can also open up a tighter space as well as bringing an air of designer sophistication to an all too often neglected part of the house. 


Wall hanging coat racks also contribute to creating additional space by giving a designated area to items that would otherwise be left draped over furniture or bannisters. By utilising the wall space available, the less floor space is taken up with unnecessary items. 


Larger Hallways

Although larger hallways offer more space to play with, it’s still good to make the most of what you’ve got. Storage solutions can be used to their full potential here with hallway benches often doubling as somewhere to put shoes and other outdoor wear. Cabinets can also be employed to maximise space and storage with wicker furniture often being a firm favourite.

The more traditional household might favour a telephone table to keep themselves organised and this can be a great starting place to style the rest of the décor around. Wall mirrors can also be used in larger areas to act as a statement piece to bring the space together.


Hallway Accessory Ideas

Accessorising a hallway is not the easiest of tasks given that you are unlikely to spend an extended period of time in it but still want to create a homely and welcoming appeal. Light and neutral tones can set a warm and adaptable backdrop that can then allow bolder accessories, or artwork, to shine bringing more personality to the fore. 

Be careful not to create too much of a busy look as you still want it to act as an easily navigable passageway and too much clutter can create a rather intense and narrow effect. If a bolder colour scheme were to be an option, more naturalistic, toned down accessories may compliment the room in a better fashion so as not to overcomplicate the look of the space and contribute to a congested atmosphere.