How to Give That Unloved Conservatory Space a Revamp

How to Give That Unloved Conservatory Space a Revamp

Conservatory spaces can be a bit weird, in as much as they aren’t quite the same as other rooms in the house. The all-glass exterior makes them some sort of hinterland between inside and out, and decoration can be tricky with few places to hang things or arrange items without blocking out light.

However, with a bit of clever thinking and an out of the box approach, there are plenty of small conservatory interior design ideas that can be utilised to really open that space and, once again, make it somewhere welcoming and enjoyable to spend time in. Here, we look at several creative ways to do that.

Add a Natural Element

Straddling the outside world, and with large windows that give a view to the garden or other exterior views, a natural element can really accentuate that sense of being one with nature without actually having to leave the house.

If you can find space on shelves and other areas to drape hanging plants, or attach a basket to a wall or pillar, you can create a lush and verdant setting that further blurs the lines between the boundaries of indoor and outdoor life, while still being in the comfort of your own home.

Natural look furniture can help with this effect by providing surfaces for plants and other items but by also contributing to that woody, plant feel. Rustic items are particularly good for conservatory decoration ideas as they recreate a more naturalistic feel. However, other unpainted wood looks, such as the Rutland Oak collection, also give off a similar air.

White it Out

If the natural look is not your thing, a cool, neutral white can be another fantastic way of bringing a fresh lease of life to it. Conservatory window frames tend to be white anyway, as the colour acts as an unobtrusive, yet clean feeling, shade to frame the view outside of the room. 

By having the furniture also white, you can extend this effect throughout the conservatory and make a real centrepiece of the views. Hampshire White painted oak offers up a crisp and traditional version of this, while Hampshire Ivory painted oak gives a slightly different twist to the same effect with a bit of a warmer feel to provide more cosy conservatory ideas.

Make it a Dining Area

A conservatory is a fantastic place for a dining room. All the natural light makes it a pleasure to convene and socialise around a nice meal. Doing this also frees up what would’ve been the dining room for other activities. 

Having a dining table in the centre of the room is just one of the many conservatory dining room ideas you could go with and you can tailor it in a range of ways depending on the dining room furniture you choose for it.

Extend the Décor of the Immediate Living Space

Extending the décor of the immediate living space next to the conservatory into it allows you to create a greater flowing feel of continuity throughout the house, and effectively extend that room. Find the defining features and pull them across into the conservatory so that you convert the conservatory to a room by using the same furniture styles and décor to create unity.

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