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2022 Trends in Oak Furniture

2022 Trends in Oak Furniture

Oak furniture has always had a timelessness to it thanks to its high-quality grain and sturdiness in build. However, trends do shift, so investing in pieces that suit contemporary tastes and compliment the ever-evolving décor of your home can be tricky. Here at Chiltern Oak, we’ve taken a look at the latest furniture trends for 2022 to help you make an informed decision on what styles and items are likely to get tongues wagging this year.


The Industrial Revolution

Industrial style was once considered quite the bold choice with its stark, angular outlay and raw look. Contemporary designs, such as those found in our Industrial Oak Collection, have managed to keep the robust feel of the style whilst adding a level of sophistication with basket weave pattern inlay on tabletops and cabinet drawers. It’s not often that something can be both subtle and yet make a statement but that’s exactly what items like our Industrial Oak Coffee Table can do.


Green and Grey are the Way

Whilst grey may not instantly conjure up inspiring imagery, there is a reason why grey tones keep cropping up in ‘Colour of The Year’ lists for 2022 with Dulux naming Grey/Blue ‘Bright Skies’ As their front runner of the year while Orchard Ash and Grey Suit both appear in Valpar’s list for the coming 12 months. A cool, neutral colour, it creates a calming and practical base for your personality to shine through artwork and ornamentation. By providing a blank slate to which you can add your own touch, grey is the ultimate adaptable colour for interior design. Its versatility can be seen across many of our ranges, for example, our Suffolk Grey Painted Oak Single Wardrobe has a clean and classy feel to the marriage of classic and contemporary that it brings together. Our Chester Grey Painted Dressing stool has a warmer, farmhouse feel with its lighter tone bringing out an airer ambience. Sage Greens and Crisp Blues also make recurring appearances on many colour lists for 2022, tones similar to our Hampshire and Rutland Blue collections.


Rustic and Relaxed

Whilst it may seem somewhat odd after declaring the Industrial look is on the rise, there is a reason why rustic oak furniture has an enduring appeal. Warm, light and bright, it helps to bring together an air of lived-in relaxation like our Rustic Oak Wine Cabinet that brings together both charm and culture. Providing a more natural and laid-back feel, rustic furniture is perfect for those who like a lot of plant life and want seamless transitions from outdoor settings to indoors. Durable and welcoming, it’s a design solution for those who want a little bit of calm in their own abode.


Creating Communal Spaces

It may initially seem odd to want to create something of a communal feel within your own private residence but after the past 18 months of isolation and keeping our distance from one another, more and more people have come to appreciate the joys of friends and family in close company. Curating more open and communal spaces within the home is easier than you might think with dining benches increasingly becoming a greater feature to make mealtimes a more informal and convivial affair.


Making the Most of What You’ve Got

Space may be at a premium but the illusion of space need not be. You’re likely to see more leaning mirrors and clever use of light over the next few months and years as people maximise what they have. Leaning mirrors are likely to become more of a prominent feature to reflect as much light as possible as well as making a statement in any property.